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3 Tips on How To Meditate

Maybe it is your first time trying to meditate and you don't know where to start? Maybe you already meditate but you have always been wondering if you are doing it the right way?

First thing first. There is no such a thing as a bad meditation.

It took me years to finally be ok with the fact that my mind will still wander when I meditate. I used to think that my mind was supposed to be blank when I am meditating, and it made me feel like I was not doing it right. Until this day, there are times when I think about something else but the present moment, and I learned to be completely fine with that. We are all humans with emotions, sometimes they can be strong, sometimes soft, but are we able to maintain the same level of love during the ebbs and flows?

Here are 3 easy tips on how to meditate if you are a complete beginner and also a reminder for avid meditators:

1. Don't expect anything to happen

  • No need to overthink, just relax

The key to any meditation is to relax completely without setting any expectations.

You know when you got invited to a party that you did not want to attend, but you end up going and it turns out you made one the best memories of your life? It is a bit similar in a way that you let yourself be taken by the unknown without controlling anything.

If you came here expecting to reach enlightenment, your vibration will not be just living in the present moment but waiting for something to happen.

Let yourself be guided by the power of the present.

  • There is no such a thing as a bad meditation

If you have already tried meditating, it is not easy when you just start. There might be a lot of noise inside your head and you might feel like giving up.

Meditation is not a competition.

It is a deep personal practice to get to know yourself and connect within.

I see it as an essential ritual to let go of anything that happened, and remember the essence. It helps clean up your mind from all the buzz. An easy way for you to see this is that we are eager to brush our teeth at night before bed, but how do we clear our mind when we had so many food for thoughts during the day?

No pun intended :)

2. Start slow

  • 2 minute rule (depending on wherever you are every morning and build up from there)

I believe if you gave anything your attention for only 2 minutes, it will be easier for you to keep going.

Start small - some people say 5 minutes, but I think it is even a lot. You really need to trick your brain that you are improving to keep the motivation up when it is not something you are not used to do, therefore 2 minutes as a starter is suggested depending on wherever you are.

The key is to be consistent, and if your brain knows that you will just be there for 2 minutes, then it will just keep coming back.

Do it at the same place and time to start building a habit. Set up your environment for success - you got this!

  • Use guided meditation or simply use your breather as your anchor

A little help cannot hurt nobody!

We are all learning from each other to grow. Children are learning from teachers at school. We learn from people who know better than we do in a specific topic.

You can meditate by yourself, but if you are just getting started, I highly encourage you to have someone to guide you verbally. You might not know how to sit, and how to breathe, and an expert will be able to help you with that!

There are also different styles of meditation that you can experiment (sitted, walking, mountain meditation...) and see which one you prefer.

3. Be kind and gentle to yourself

  • Meditation is not about not thinking you’ll always think

it is probably the most intricate thing I learned from meditation. It taught me a lot about self-love, more than any other thing I did in my life. It is just so intimate and personal to meditate and be aware of your mental chatters. Before I would be so harsh with myself for not being able to stay focused for 5 minutes straight, I would count each time my mind wandered with the hope to do better next time. Now, if my mind wanders, I don't even care anymore especially on those night meditation sessions where I am almost asleep after a long day. I simply accept that I am a human who can get tired, come back the next day and try my best!

My meditation practice used to be a time for me to solve issues when that is not the point. It is the moment where you actually learn to let go.

Meditation is not about not thinking you’ll always think, it is more about self-awareness

Don’t judge yourself, simply observe and gently bring your mind back.


Remember that meditation is not a quick fix - come back everyday even on days when you don’t feel like it. That is very important! The benefits come from the ritual.

Happy meditation y'all!

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