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About Me

Hello there, I am Mica!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check this website!

I am based in Montréal where I work as a full-time engineer, as well as a yoga teacher. It sometimes comes as a shocker that I  am a woman in STEM and a yoga teacher, but both fields offer me an essential balance in life.

My yoga love story started in the summer months of 2014 when I attended a Lululemon community class in Shanghai. Since then, I kept the practice with me when I got back to Ottawa to finish my undergraduate studies. It was 5 years later that I got certified as a yoga teacher with Modo Yoga, and since then it has been truly rewarding to give to others what helps me come back to my inner being.

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The Reason Why

I decided to pursue a path in wellness was because I benefited from the power of yoga on multiple instances. When I was at my lowest emotionally and physically,  I took a yoga class, and from that day I felt stronger, more centered, and finally started to heal after so long. It felt like I was coming back home. Yoga has always been the ultimate remedy.

From then I chose to share this gift with others by becoming a yoga teacher.

During my class, I want people to reflect, and also be softer towards themselves. I want them to enjoy any space they are currently at. We only got one life to live, so might as well live it with love and joy. To love is to be present, calm and at peace which I hope you will find at one of my classes one day! :)

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Offers (click on tab for more details)

Private Classes

Ideal if you prefer to learn 1-on-1
online or in person. Please send your request via the contact form or an email to 

Partnerships / Collabs

Searching for a yoga teacher to host
a class for your event? Looking for an influencer with similar values to help your brand shine on social media? Please send an email to to see
how we can assist each other!

Group Classes

Want to hang out with the community?
check out the schedule or social media for classes I will be teaching! For studio representants, feel free to contact me.

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