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Relieve stress. Improve flexibility. Enhance focus.


About Mica

Since 2019, I have been a certified bilingual yoga instructor based in Montréal, while also pursuing a full-time career as an engineer. Committed to fostering physical and mental well-being, I specialize in offering yoga and wellness workshops. My focus is centered on nurturing both your mind and body, empowering you to thrive in your daily environment. Discover my offers today for an enriched connection to life.


available in person or remote



From improving flexibility to reducing lower back pain, private classes are customized to your specific needs and help you go deeper in any specific issues or goals you may have. Book your class today!



Looking for a mindful and memorable way to connect the group together? Perfect for private gatherings and events, this all-level yoga class will help you unwind in a safe, inclusive and relaxed environment. 



Reduce stress, elevate team cohesion, and boost productivity with this specialized chair yoga class tailored to foster relaxation and peak performance while promoting wellness in the workplace. 


McGill University 

We had an amazing time doing yoga with Mica! Her voice and vibes were so calming and serene. Her class was great for participants of all experience levels. [...] we all really enjoyed ourselves and were able to take something valuable from the class. Thank you again for participating in frosh, Mica. It was our pleasure to work with you.

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available for individual, group and corporate


This workshop offers a comprehensive approach to addressing stress and anxiety. It includes include strategies for reframing negative thoughts, managing stress triggers, and tips for maintaining balance and resilience in the face of adversity. We will explore how to manage fear of failure, rejection, criticism, and uncertainty.


This class provides practical strategies and exercises to boost self-confidence and overcome self-doubt. It covers topics such as understanding the roots of low confidence, challenging negative beliefs, cultivating a positive self-image, and developing assertiveness skills. You will also learn how to nurture a sense of worthiness independent of external achievements or validation.


The workshops helps you identifying your core values, strengths, and passions, and empowers you to pursue goals aligned with your authentic self, rather than societal expectations or external validation. It helps you explore topics such as embracing imperfection, setting boundaries, and expressing oneself authentically in relationships and career pursuits.


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