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About Mica Peng

As a certified Yoga Instructor in Montréal since 2019, I'm committed to enhancing physical and mental well-being through yoga. Whether you're looking to improve physical fitness or alleviate stress, yoga offers diverse benefits for all. My focus is on nurturing tranquility, serenity, and self-care in your corporate journey. By practicing yoga, you'll connect more deeply with yourself and your environment. Discover the advantages of my corporate wellness programs today and experience an enriched connection to life.


Youtube Channel

“One of the things that truly helped me during my yoga journey was class accessibility. The reason why I was able to progress in my practice was thanks to the videos available on Youtube. Now as a teacher, it is my turn to give it back to you. I created accessible quick and effective yoga routine videos on Youtube so that you can come back to the practice anytime, anywhere.”


McGill University 

We had an amazing time doing yoga with Mica! Her voice and vibes were so calming and serene. Her class was great for participants of all experience levels. [...] we all really enjoyed ourselves and were able to take something valuable from the class. Thank you again for participating in frosh, Mica. It was our pleasure to work with you.

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