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About Mica Peng

I’ve been a certified Yoga Instructor in Montréal since 2019. I believe that taking care of our body is directly linked to our physical and mental health. Whether you need to tone your body or relieve aches and pains, there is something for everybody in the practice of yoga. My mission is to bring more peace, calm and love into your life through yoga. The goal is to help you better connect to yourself and your surroundings. Book one of my offers now and feel more connected to your life.


Youtube Channel

“One of the things that truly helped me during my yoga journey was class accessibility. The reason why I was able to progress in my practice was thanks to the videos available on Youtube. Now as a teacher, it is my turn to give it back to you. I created accessible quick and effective yoga routine videos on Youtube so that you can come back to the practice anytime, anywhere.”

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